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Thursday, January 28, 2021

A New Blog...

 Happy New Year! (….a bit late)

It is 2021 and I am starting a blog. I am not sure if blogs are still a platform that the cool kids use but according to Google, blogs are still relevant and the internet NEVER lies. I like blogs, I enjoy reading them and I enjoy writing so it makes sense for me to create one.

I am not new to the world of blogging, About 13 years ago I wrote "Chubby Chicks Run Too…". It was a personal account of my life as a misfit runner. It became so much more to me than just a dumping ground for my thoughts. It was my creative outlet and a great way to hold myself accountable. Blogging presented many unique opportunities for me and I met some amazing people.

My blogging (and running) fell to the wayside when life got a bit challenging. As things mellowed out, I realized I missed blogging and had the idea to start over fresh with some new content. I had the the goal of writing about our crazy hockey life upon the suggestions from multiple friends that our family should audition for the show "Hockey Moms". We passed on being TV stars but thought Running on Ice would make a great name for a blog!

The Hockey Family blog never fully came to fruition but the title resonated with me. It was the perfect metaphor to capture the ups and downs of my new chapter life in the middle years. Running on Ice is collection of my thoughts on life as a 40 something woman, with a family, career, and hell bent to make some self-improvements along the way. This a a life blog, these are my stories, and this is my written reality show.

Stay tuned while this site is under construction and welcome to Running on Ice! 

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